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Jersey Hooker Seabass Bob Ross Charter 6/18/2015

Capt. Rich  and Capt.  Chuck  had the Bob Ross  Charter of  4 aboard the Jesey Hooker  for what was suppose to be  a striper charter but ened up seabassing....   Capt.  Rich  Headed to his old  stomping grounds. Bam Lock and load seabassing..... Guys had 60 in in the box  by 11 am  headed  to another sport, Capt. Rich wanted to try...  Lots of shorts  Made one more stop lock and load  caught the  crews limit   +2    and  had a epic jig bite .....     Stella  Got Her Groove Back  !!!!!!! On  the way home capt. looked for some bass life no such luck ...     92 seabass and about 15 lang

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6/17/2015 Jersey Hooker Stripers Turned seabass open boat

Open Boat  Came together last minuet Capt. Rich and Capt. Chuck had    Dave Barret , Dave , their  Two buddies  ,  Fernando   and  Brendan filling up the boat.... After the complete slaughter  of  The night before everyone had high expectations...  it was gonna be A good morning.. few of the other boats had bites on the troll suggested to the  crew lets give trolling a shot. No such luck  zero !!! The crew  got  set up for  sea bassing  did not see the life we wanted up   pick a keep here and a keeper there a lot of  shorts  ...   Best action all day was  close to home  ....  Capt.  Rich didn't wanna leave the  area in-case the stripers started to bite....   ... Boys end  up with   a  not so acceptable  catch of 40 seabass and  cod and a few lang ....  Dave had a nice tog  thanks  boys

Hope Capt. Rich can shake  this  mulukiah...

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Jersey Hooker Charters 6/14/2015

Capt.  Rich  and Uncle Pete had  Kevin Nguyen   Boat  regular out for a striper  seabass combo ...  Started out  looking around for bass no such luck  switched over to  sea bass in hopes  to  turn the negative  into a positive from the  day  before  never thought it could be worse .....   Well it  was  capt  rich  thought  he would   head to the  south to get away  from all the  traffic  around the the  Seagirt and  axel  reef  well boy  was he  wrong all of the  free standing  wrecks  were occupied  ....  Capt.  Rich  set up on a tiny  little  secret spot  and  the guys had great  action but the  keeper  ration was not there ...  jumped  around  moved  around  put in the  effort and time  and only scrounged  40 keepers and 19 lang ...    Capt..  Said it could not get much worse..  Looked for bass on the ride home  and they were non existent.


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Jersey Hooker Stripers 6/13/2015 turned Sea Bass

Capt. Rich and Uncle Pete  had Dustin From Jackson and his buddies  out for some  stripers ......  They  spent some time  looking for Striped bass no such luck decided to do some bottom fishing the experienced some excellent fishing but just didn't get the quality fish they were looking for ... On the other hand at least they got a shot at catch something instead of a striper boat ride..... Final count was 60 seabass and some lang

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