Friday, August 17, 2018


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Captain Rich Wilkowski has lived at the Jersey Shore his whole life. His family never went on vacations, instead, they always had boats and would spend pretty much every day of the summer on the water fishing or crabbing. Rich had always wanted to mate on a party boat so on his fifteenth birthday he went to Point Pleasant Beach and got a job on a party boat. He loved to help people and educate them about fishing. After four summers on a few different party boats he had landed a job on a gill net boat. Rich had worked on the boat for a little under a year and said there must be something better than this. After some searching, Rich landed a job on a six pack charter boat, which is how he discovered the world of offshore big game fishing. He was taught by a top notch Captain that guided him through his new adventure. Rich had realized this was the life for him, he loved the lifestyle of a canyon fisherman.


For additional information, please call Captain Rich at 732-903-6904 or 732-688-8804

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