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Let Bear Communications help protect what matters to you most!  We can custom tailor a surveillance solution for any need.  Whether you need a couple cameras at a residence to keep an eye on your garage full of tools, or an 8 camera system to see customers and employees at your retail store, or a 32 camera industrial system to keep watch of your warehouse, Bear has you covered!


All of our surveillance systems come with the ability to monitor on the Internet and on android or ios devices*.  Through this app, you can view all the cameras on your system at any time, from any place.  Never worry about what's happening while you're away, just pick up your phone and check.  You can even replay old footage or change the recording schedule with the web login.

All of our hardware comes with a 1 year warranty which we match on our labor.  A surveillance system from Bear is built to last with enterprise class recording hardware.  

*requires a high speed Internet connection at the location of DVR


Bear has a wide variety of cameras to suite your needs.  We can install wireless cameras should the environment be difficult for cabling.  We can install dome, bullet, high zoom, variable focus, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to satisfy even the most complex needs. Infrared cameras are very popular and allow you to see clearly in low light.  We can even install IR illuminators if you need to see a long distance or a large area in the dark. dome bullett

The benefits of surveillance are endless but here are a few:

1. Possible savings on your insurance.

2. Peace of mind.

3. Evidence in the event of a customer or employee incident.

4. Theft deterrent.

5. Less costly than a monitored security system.

The benefits of Bear installing your surveillance:

1. Best quality products that we stand behind.

2. Highly trained professionals installing and configuring your system.

3. We include tweaks and changes for 30 days following installation at no cost.

4. We always include training for you and your staff.

5. Our service vehicles are always ready to dispatch to handle you needs.